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These guys are great to work with and make quality products. All my customers are greatly surpris ...ยป

Jim Meadows South Carolina
Dads Biker Buddy Patch
Dads Biker Buddy Patch
This Dads Biker Buddy Patch can be worn proudly on your leather. This Dads Biker Buddy Patch is a great embroidered back patch. All of our Embroidered Motorcycle patches, Embroidered Lady rider Patches, Embroidered Flag Patches, Embroidered Eagle Patches, embroidered Veterans patches, Embroidered Viet Nam patches, and Embroidered battlefield Viet Nam Patches are also Embroidered Sew on Patches. With the vivid embroidery colors on this patch, you should feel proud to wear this Dads Biker Buddy Patch. It measures about 1.25" tall & 2.75" wide.

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